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It is that time.

It is time to reflect on what you have done over the past nine weeks. If you have missed a topic, don’t worry. You can catch up by finding all our topic posts here.

Here are some readings to get your juices flowing:


This week you need to complete your reflective blog post on your experiences over the last several weeks. You can write your reflective blog post however you would like, but here are some questions to get you started:

  • How have you managed to complete the tasks, and what were some of the challenges you faced?
  • How have you enjoyed (or not enjoyed) the ‘sharing’ experience?
  • Is there someone you have met or learned about through this learning experience that you feel will continue to follow, or who has inspired you?
  • Did you learn something completely new?
  • What concept or idea has been introduced to you that was a surprise?
  • What is one thing you have learned that you will utilise into the future, and why?
  • Which was your favourite blog post, and why?

On completion of your reflective blog post, you will be recognised as having completed the program. If you like, you can find out how everyone else found the experience by viewing participant blogs here.

Thank you to all our contributors, organisers, and supporters. Congratulations everyone!

6 thoughts on “Reflection

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  2. Mary-Anne Fiebig

    I have enjoyed doing the ‘things’, usually I made time early in the week – I wasnt that good at looking at other peoples responses but then you cant do it all. I am impressed at the use of twitter during the forum and the last discussion session and think that is very valuable and something we will certainly maintain. (remind me if I forget to add it on things.) I did update my LinkedIn and made a mental note to actually put stuff on it as I can see the value in it. And today I received a long list of Communication jobs that I could apply for:)
    I didnt know much about Research gate and other ways of obtain research information so that was valuable – still not into pinterest or photo sharing groups but maybe one day that will change. I am not being very inventive here and am just responding to the Reflective questions. As I said earlier – definitely will utilise the Twitter account for seminar responses. best blog… I did like Kirryn’s first one – I need to look back on others…

  3. Jacinta

    I’ve also enjoyed learning about the Things and then taking what I’ve learnt and implementing it. I’ve been keeping up to date with the things BUT I have to admit that I forgot that a major part of this was to write the reflective blog posts! What a dunce :) I’ve either been implementing what I learn in other ‘spaces’, or already have experience with the Things (but have failed to share!). One of the things I did do that was new to me was to create a blog for a small group of academics who are relatively new to teaching in higher ed, created a twitter account for us and embedded the feed into the blog. Once the group gets underway, the Twitter account can be used to take (informal) minutes. Overall I’ve found the Things to be really useful and have enjoyed reading the blog posts and comments, as well as connecting with various 23Thingers via LinkedIn etc.

  4. Kirryn Austin

    I really enjoyed the “Things” I found time to to complete, including the very informative introductions and resources provided by each one of our various “Thing” instructors. I think they all did a fabulous job. I really did want to (and might still!) find more time to review other people’s experiences of using each of the Things to help my own learning. The times I did review the discussion I usually found some new and some similar experiences/reflections to my own. Although I generally didn’t find time to complete Things in work hours (and therefore probably didn’t get to reflect much on how/whether I might incorporate them as tools for work), I certainly did appreciate the opportunity to explore them in a low risk, supported way and leanred more than I would have on my own. I am certainly more interested in LinkedIn than I expected to be. And I am coming around to the idea of discussion forums (that is, contributing rather than just reviewing) also.

  5. Tim McCallum

    This was all good!
    The stand-outs for me were:

    • Tahnee’s copyright and licensing “thing” which so elegantly explained the 4 elements of open access licensing. Tahnee went on to combine the four elements in various ways demonstrating how we arrive at the six main licenses which are currently in use on the web, I decided to bookmark this “thing” as a very useful resource
    • Ron’s showed me things about linked in which I did know existed
    • Bec really drove a point home; video can portray a message with fierce emotion which you just would not get if reading text

    All this aside I just picked up the phone and rang Tegan suggesting that we turn the 10 “things” into an e-Book. The graduation is in less then one hour and I have many tasks to complete this afternoon so I will wrap up this comment and congratulate everyone involved for their enthusiasm and commitment.
    See you all soon!


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